Buzz: Cinema Theatres Are Of Least Priority

Almost 1700 single-screen theatres have closed down, sending their employees on a non-paid leave, making almost 20,000 people lose their employment. But they say, not the one who tears tickets, but the one who owns theatre also lost livelihood in this pandemic. But the lifting of lockdown will not give immediate relief to theatres if reports are to be believed.

Though some producers are hoping that theatres will be opened in a month, and they will be able to resume business as usual, governments are said to be thinking of opening theatres only in the last.

First, they will be opening shops, agriculture related industries and then other factories thereby focus on creating work for masses, and to make sure that there will be no shortage of food and essentials. Giving entertainment to the people will be last priority, so opening of shopping malls, theatres and function halls will be not any sooner.

So what are the film industry bigwigs thinking about the opening of theatres?

“We don’t know if we have to shut theatres for 3 months, 6 months or a year. We will know a clear picture only when a vaccine for Coronavirus is invented. Only then, audiences will get the courage to come to theatres. If they know that Covid-19 is curable, then they don’t worry coming out for entertainment purposes” says Suresh Babu, hoping that scientists will get a breakthrough soon.

Maybe people from Film Industry should focus on learning other skills in this time to cater to the changing audiences and use technologies effectively to make films in fewer budgets, time and with a limited crew.