Doing More Naatu Naatu Than Tarak & Charan -Rajamouli

That’s the first-ever Oscar nomination for a Telugu film related song and if all the Telugu people on the earth are feeling so proud about it, what would the creator, legendary SS Rajamouli have to say about that? Surely the great filmmaker will be doing the same dance step he has created for his brothers.

“My peddanna got an Oscar nomination for his song in my film.. I can’t ask for more…I am currently doing Naatu Naatu more vigorously than Tarak and Charan”, says Rajamouli, as he elatedly shared a thank you note. Saying that he never dreamt about Oscar in his life, the director added that it is because of the crazy fans of Naatu Naatu as well as RRR believed in it first, and due to them they took the song to next level with global tours.

“Oscar stage meedha mana paata…thank you” Rajamouli said to Chandrabose, and talking about choreographer Prem Rakshit he added, “Prem master, your contribution to the song is invaluable. My personal Oscar goes to you”. He thanked Kala Bhairva and Rahul Sipligung as well.

“Bhairava’s BGM is what inspired me to go ahead with Naatu Naatu, after hesitating for a long time. Love you Bhairi babu.. Super energetic vocals by Rahul and Bhairava enhanced the song” he wrote.

Talking about Tarak and Charan, he further said, “The main reason is Tarak and Charan’s sync and style. They danced their way into the hearts of audiences across the globe.. Sorry for the torture. But I will not hesitate to do it again”.