Pic Talk: Amazing Ruhani Sharma Flaunts It All

On one side she wants to do only content-based and character-driven roles on the silver screen or OTT, and on the other hand, she is heating up the social media circuit with her ravishing looks. She is none other than Mumbai girl Ruhani Sharma who debuted in Tollywood with Chi La Sow movie and later appeared in films like HIT and others.

While her “HER” teaser is out recently where she appears as a sincere and duty-minded cop, here comes her latest photoshoot where she is oozing loads of sex appeal. Putting up only a green short shrug that is held together by a single pin, over high-waist jeans, Ruhani gave ample view of her bosom, flaunting her curves to the maximum, thus taking her fans by storm. She gave various poses in the outfit, looking straight into the camera, thereby teasing her admirers.

These days it has become a norm for actresses to pick up conservative and author-backed roles when it comes to sizzling on the screen, but going unbelievably saucy and seductive for social media. Ruhani is one of the torchbearers of that bandwagon, and she is doing her job perfectly.