What if there are no fights & songs in Pawan’s films

It is unusual for a film starring Pawan Kalyan to not have any songs, as his films are known for their musical hits and fans expect songs and dances in his films. However, there is a talk in the film industry that one of his upcoming films will not have any songs or fights.

It could be a decision taken to keep the story at the center stage without any deviations. It is rumored that the film’s shoot will be wrapped up entirely in just one schedule at a single stretch as it will reduce the time and effort of everyone involved in the film.

For now, there is no clarity on which film that this will be implemented for. However, this could not be true entirely because people expect songs and fights from Pawan Kalyan and even the market also demands the same from the actor.

The audio companies will pay high amounts for songs in Pawan’s film and the producers will have to consider that point. The fans will be disappointed if there are no fights and songs. For the time being, let us hope that this is just a mere speculation and Pawan will entertain us like he always does.

On the work front, his next film is Hari Hara Veera Mallu, starring Pawan Kalyan in the lead role. Pawan also signed a film with Sujeeth and another one with Harish Shankar.