Why Chiru & Charan Gets Trolled By Ravi Teja Fans

Waltair Veerayya is the Sankranthi 2023 blockbuster that dominated all the other movies at the box office. The team celebrated the film’s success yesterday in Warangal. During the event, the comments made by Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan on Ravi Teja have gone viral on social media.

Speaking at the event, Chiranjeevi mentioned a particular scene from the film where he cleaned the dirt on Ravi Teja’s poster with his lungi. “I saw my brother Pawan Kalyan in Ravi Teja. When Bobby narrated me the scene, he wanted me to clean the poster alone but I also kissed the poster. Bobby told me that no big hero will do something like this to elevate a small hero. But, only if I do that, the upcoming death scene will come out well,” said Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi did not intentionally mean that Ravi Teja is a small hero but the way he put his feeling forward is conveying that Ravi Teja is a small hero which did not go well with the actor’s fans and some netizens on social media.

This is not the first time that something like this happened. Earlier, Chiranjeevi forgot mentioning Ravi Teja’s name in a press meet and later apologized to it on social media. Many opined that Chiranjeevi should have been conscious when he deliver speeches in the public events. Ravi Teja is definitely a big hero who has a reasonable market that pull crowds to theatres, irrespective of the content. At a time when Ravi Teja’s Krack and Dhamaka grossed over 100 Cr rupees, how can he be called a small hero?

On the other hand, Ram Charan also angered Ravi Teja’s fans. Although, the duo share a great bonding, but, both have a big age difference. Ravi Teja is not a counterpart of Ram Charan too. But, Charan addressed Ravi Teja with his name which did not go well with the fans. Throughout his speech, Ram Charan said “Ravi” and “Ravi Teja” in his speech and the fans opined that Charan should respect actors elder to him.

Ravi Teja actually skipped the event and the fans expected that he will be addressed and respected well for his contribution to the success of Waltair Veerayya. But, Chiranjeevi called him a small hero while Charan addressed him without respect. It angered the fans.

On the flip side, Ravi Teja will be least bothered about all this. He considers Chiranjeevi as his elder brother and share a friendly bonding with Ram Charan. It is the fans alone who fight on social media unnecessarily. So, for the greater good of everyone, it will be good to see past the issue.