BO: Bimbisara Magic Failed To Help Amigos

Like the way, Kalyan Ram’s previous film “Bimbisara” created magic at the box office after impressing with the trailer, many thought that even “Amigos” will create a similar hit streak. However, the way a director narrates a concept is quite important no matter how good the trailer is. And that led Amigos into the backseat.

On Day 1 yesterday, Amigos collected nearly ₹2 crores share from the Telugu states’ box office, which is a good figure. But considering the ₹14 crore theatrical rights pre-release sales, this is a disastrous start.

At the same time, if we look into Kalyan Ram’s previous movie Bimbisara, that film collected nearly ₹7 crores share on its release day, giving a blockbuster start. Looks like if the mouth talk is not good around a movie, surely it’s not going to work even though your previous film is a blockbuster.

On the other hand, recovering 14 crore share from the box office will be a daunting task for Kalyan Ram though there is not much competition around provided with this poor talk. With the likes of Dhanush’s Sir and Kiran’s Vinaro Bhagyamu set to take the box office next week, surely it’s just a week for Amigos to do big things. Let’s see what happens.