The Reason Behind Dil Raju’s Interest On Balagam!

Dil Raju is a brand today for his successful journey as an exhibitor, distributor, and producer. He is an inspiration for many. Like every other producer he too faced flops, but he is popular for his script judgment skills. If he believes in a subject, he tries to come up with new ideas to promote them.

Meanwhile, many are wondering why Dil Raju is showing special interest in the movie Balagam. Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram played the lead roles in this movie directed by Venu Yeldandi. The movie rooted in Telangana’s culture got a positive response and the mouth talk is helping it to make huge bucks at the ticket window. Credit goes to Dil Raju for his aggressive promotions for the movie.

Dil Raju came forward to release and promote the movie because he believed in the subject and the outcome. His decision-making proved right and fruitful yet again as the collections are growing day by day with the mouth talk.