Nandini Reddy’s Damage Control Tweets After Chaos

The controversy of C/o Kancharapalem director Venkatesh Maha making some crude remarks on KGF and the audience who patronised it haven’t gone well. This happened in a round table interview which also has the Nandini Reddy, Indraganti, Shiva Nirvana and Vivek Athreya participating in it. And one more question that stunned everyone is Nandini Reddy’s attestation to Maha’s claim that good students are getting bad marks and bad students are getting good marks in the film industry.

Calling himself and others at the place as beautiful art filmmakers who carved some classics, Venkatesh Maha stated that they are making beautiful movies but not getting ample footfalls in theatres, but masala movies are getting appreciation. For that reason, producers are not said to be giving him movies. Nandini Reddy seconded his opinion, saying that she’s facing that for some time.

However, Nandini was quick to realise the damage done. To put an end to the controversy, she tweeted officially.

“Every commercial film which has become a success is bec the audience hs loved something in tht effort . The conversation was nvr meant 2deride anyones work but rathr hv a positive debate on what cn diversify the narrative of “commercial cinema”. Apologies fr any offence caused 🙏🏼”, she wrote.