Late Tarakaratna’s Wife Reveals What Balayya Did

With Nandamuri Balakrishna posing for a picture with the kids of the late Tarakaratna, someone from the internet added the picture of the late actor as well into it.

Reacting to that picture, Tarak’s wife Alekhya Reddy made a stunning comment which has now taken the internet by storm. It reveals what the senior actor-politician has done to their family.

Alekhya mentioned in her comments that when Tarakaratna was admitted to Bangalore hospital for treatment, Balayya was by his side most of the time, singing him songs, and saying silly jokes such that he would recover.

“The only man we call as family, the only man who stood like a rock in good and bad times til the very end”, she wrote, as she began her comment, adding that Balayya has even shed tears when nobody was around. Alekhya wished that Obu (she fondly calls him that way as his original name is Obulesh) should have stayed a little longer.

Later Tarakaratna’s wife also thanked the ones who have edited that picture. Anyway, this revelation by her is making all the Nandamuri fans realise the greatness of Balayya when it comes to taking care of his family.