TS Govt & India Govt To Felicitate RRR Team?

The achievement of “Naatu Naatu” song and RRR team is so high that it is raining appreciation from all the quarters after Keeravani and Chandrabose received Oscar Award other day in ‘Best Original Song’ category. And it looks like both the Telangana Government and the Indian government are now going to take turns to felicitate this team.

With RRR writer, Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad being a Rajyasabha member who was nominated by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi under President Category, today RS MP CM Ramesh (BJP) demanded a felicitation for the RRR team inside the parliament. Regarding the same, even many members of the house responded positively and it looks like a felicitation is underway.

But then, it has come out other day that even the Telangana Government is planning for a big felicitation for the RRR team as most of the film was shot in Hyderabad and almost all the top technicians and actors of the film reside in Hyderabad only, technically. As the news of the TS govt’s special felicitation once the RRR team returns is spreading, it is being heard that even the ruling party at the centre is making moves to honour them.

At the same time, some are asking if the Andhra Pradesh government is also planning some felicitation for the team other than meeting them at CM’s office, such that the Telugu flag will really fly higher. Let’s see what happens.