Rashmika Won’t Do ‘Saami Saami’ Step Anymore

The song was such a big hit that Rashmika was asked to dance that hook step of Saami Saami wherever she went. During the time of Psuhpa promotions and post Pushpa success also, Rashmika has danced for that step more than too many times. It lookes like she realized it finally.

There were a ton of memes on Rashmika’s Saami Saami dance because she has done it so many times. In a recent Twitter interation, Rashmika was asked by someone who wanted to dance for Saami Saami with the actress and Rashmika cracked jokes on herself.

Rashmika replied, ‘I’ve done saami saami step tooooo many times.. that now I feel like I’ll have issues with my back when I get older.. why you do this to me re.. 🥲 let’s do something else when me meet. 😋’ So no Saami Saami step from Rashmika anymore.

And when asked about any funny incidents on Varisu sets, Rashmika says her pictures were taken by Vamsi when she passed out on the sofas in the set. Later Vijay and Vamsi would make fun of her.