‘I Should Not Have To Beg For Remuneration’ – Samantha

Samantha is promoting Shaakuntalam with back-to-back interviews. The star actress opened up about many interesting things regarding Shaakuntalam and also many relevant topics about the work, health, trolls, and more.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Samantha was asked about the issue of pay parity in the Indian film industry. Samantha was clear and she emphasized that she should not have to beg for equitable pay and that she is fighting hard for it.

Samantha said, ‘I am fighting hard, not directly…it’s not like I am fighting to be paid equally, I want it to be a by-product of hard work and success. People should just come and say, ‘Yes, we want to pay you this much’. I shouldn’t have to beg for it. I believe that comes with an incredible amount of hard work.’

Sam also spoke about her fight with the auto-immune condition named Myositis. He thanked all the producers and the directors who understood what she was going through. ‘No day is the same. Every day is different – there are highs, there are lows and there are really bad lows. They wait for me; they give me the strength that I need and I am truly grateful for that. It’s the one thing that has made me want to fight and fight really hard is to get back on set’, Samantha said.