US Distributor Asking The Hero To Keep His Promise


A Telugu hero who got stardom from his big successful films is caught in a dilemma due to a US distributor.

The US distributor who had released two to three of this hero’s films opened a huge market for the latter. One of his films failed miserably and distributing that film is upon a direct request from the hero himself. The hero then promised the distributor a profitable collaboration in the future. Cut to the present, the distributor earned good monies in a recent biggest success and is now asking our hero to keep his promise.

The US distributor is venturing into production and has been asking the hero to allot dates for his production debut. The distributor conveyed to the hero about the potential to spend up to 80 crores without any financial hurdles for the movie. The distributor already proved his capacity by investing around 50 crores for the distribution of the biggest successful film in the recent past and this assurance should erase the budget doubts on the hero’s mind, if any. 

The hero is said to be in a dilemma about giving his dates for this US distributor because there are others who have been waiting for his commitment for a long time. Above that, the hero has been in a rough phase of late and is hopeful for his next one. 

The hero was of small range back then, but he has become a star now. It has to be seen if the hero will manage to keep up his word to the US distributor who gave his movies a grand releases in USA or if he pacifies him by asking to collab with another production house in a joint venture like some other heroes are doing.