Director Finally Opens Up On Mahesh’s Biggest Disaster

A star hero signing his next film is influenced by many things. But our star heroes always had a soft corner for Tamil filmmakers. Superstar Mahesh Babu also got inclined towards working with the then-star director Murugadoss and the result was disastrous Spyder.

It was Mahesh Babu’s one flop movie, but Murugadoss could not recover after that and now he is not directing any movie. The director met Telugu media to promote a film that he produced in Tamil and got dubbed in Telugu, August 16, 1947. Apart from the questions he got about his August 16, 1947, Murugadoss had to answer media questions about Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun movies.

When asked when he is going to compensate for the failure of Spyder with another success, Murugadoss says a movie will be successful when the director’s creativity meets the expectations of the audience. He said he tried something new and it did not work. Murugadoss underlines that irrespective of anything, hard work, and effort will be the same for any movie.

And also when asked about rumors about directing Allu Arjun, he said ten directors meet a hero and a director also meets ten heroes and that does not mean the movie is happening. He said that it is a very initial stage and when everything falls into place the movie will take off.

When our heroes want to try something different they would want technicians from other languages. At this point in Telugu cinema where new talent is evolving with various concepts, it would be great to see our star heroes look away from routine regular commercial format films.