Mahesh Babu likes Mem Famous, Fans Trends #DisasterMemFamous

Popular actor Mahesh Babu recently shared his review on the film “Mem Famous,” creating a buzz among fans and industry insiders. In the midst of this excitement, the film’s producer, Sharath, expressed interest in collaborating with GMB Entertainments for Sumanth Prabhas’ next project.

However, the emergence of the hashtag #DisasterMemFamous indicates that some of Mahesh Babu’s fans are hesitant about the actor working with Chai Bisket production. Let’s delve deeper into the details and explore the implications of these developments.

Mahesh Babu, known for his discerning taste in cinema, shared his review on “Mem Famous” after watching the film. His positive comments about the movie have generated considerable excitement and curiosity among his fans. Praising the performances and craftsmanship, the superstar’s review serves as a validation of the film’s quality and potential success.

Amidst the buzz surrounding “Mem Famous,” producer Sharath expressed a desire to collaborate with GMB Entertainments for Sumanth Prabhas’ next project. This statement has sparked speculation about a potential partnership between the two production houses.

While the news of a possible collaboration has generated excitement, it has also led to divided opinions among Mahesh Babu’s fans. The emergence of the hashtag #DisasterMemFamous on social media indicates that a section of the actor’s fanbase is apprehensive about him working with Chai Bisket production (A+S Movies), the company behind “Mem Famous.”

Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu obliged to the request of Sarath.

However, the fans are continuing to express their displeasure and disappointment over the over-enthusiasm of the producer of Mem Famous.

We have to see if Mahesh’s fans will boycott the release of Mem Famous and give an edge to Malli Pelli, which is also hitting the screens tomorrow.