Major’s Debacle on the small screen

Adivi Sesh and Saiee Manjrekar in Major

Adivi Sesh starrer Major is considered to be a blockbuster in Telugu. Directed by Sasikiran Tikka, the film is a biopic on the life of deceased army Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Despite the film being a big hit at the pan-India level, the film’s TRP ratings on Television have been utterly disappointing.

The major reason for the film’s poor performance on the small screen is the delay in premiering the film. The film registered some 1.87 in Urban and 1.70 in rural. This is not at all an expected number for a hit film during the first time premiere. Usually, a number between 4 and 5 is expected.

The TV channels should up their game and make the films available to audiences in no time. When a film becomes a hit, it automatically arrives on the OTT in less than a month. The TV channels should also air the film in less time to cash the craze and momentum of the film.

For instance, Balagam, which premiered recently on TV, garnered a rating of 12 in the first viewing, which is a big example and lesson of how the film’s success can translate into good numbers on TV when acted early.

Especially during the times of OTT, if the film’s premiere gets delayed, it will be a negative sign for the TV premiere.