Hidimbha Trailer: Mindboggling

Ashwin Babu will next be seen in a high-voltage action thriller Hidimbha directed by Aneel Kanneganti under SVK Cinemas banner. Anil Sunkara of AK Entertainments is presenting the movie which is getting ready for release.

Sai Dharam Tej revealed the theatrical trailer of the movie to kick-start the promotions. The trailer begins on an interesting note with Britishers killing Indian prisoners on the seashore in 1908. 16 missing cases are filed in Hyderabad city and the kidnapper targets women wearing red dresses. Is he a psychopath? What’s the connection with the killings in 1908? We need to watch the movie to know the answers.

Ashwin Babu and Nandita Swetha played cops who are investigating the case. Ashwin Babu looked apt in the role and he was amazing in action sequences. Aneel Kanneganti impresses with his storytelling.

The story has a huge span and he seems to have provided all the resources. Cinematography, music, art, and production are the other highlights. MIndblogging is the one word to describe the content in the trailer.