Big Announcement From Ram Charan, India Gate With Nikhil?

Mega Power star Ram Charan, renowned for his remarkable performance in the highly anticipated film ‘RRR’, has joined forces with his friend Vikram Reddy of UV Creations to establish ‘V Mega Pictures’, a new production house aimed at nurturing and promoting new and young talent in the film industry.

With the launch of ‘V Mega Pictures’, the production house seeks to cater to audiences not only in the Telugu film industry but also on a pan-Indian scale. The primary focus of the company is to provide a platform for emerging talent, allowing them to showcase their creativity and artistic vision.

Today, they came up with a new announcement about their collaboration with the successful production house Abhishek Agarwal Arts.

Driven by a team of visionaries who possess an unwavering passion for the craft of filmmaking, V Mega Pictures is committed to championing diversity and inclusivity within the industry.

The production house aims to come up with a new pan-India project and the announcement for the same will be out tomorrow.

“The start of backing young talent to give great cinema. Big announcement tomorrow at 11.11 AM. #RevolutionIsBrewing” wrote the production house. Also teasing with a picture of a hand holding a boat rowing paddle, with a vandemataram flag from pre-independence in the background, the makers left the fans to guess who the actor might be! It is heard that Nikhil is the hero of the movie and is titled ‘India Gate’