I Did Ahimsa Out Of Guilt: Teja’s Confusing Speech

Director Teja is known for his frankness in speeches and interviews, but the talented director seems to be giving confused statements of late and more often.

Teja spoke at his Ahimsa movie prerelease event last night. Teja tried to tell why he had to make a film with Abhiram Daggubati and in the process he revealed that the film did not come out well and he made some other self-contradictory statements.

Earlier in an interview, Teja said that he chose Abhiram his Ahimsa just for the reason that the guy fits the role. But in the prerelease, Teja’s speech appeared disoriented as he said he made the film out of guilt.

Revealing the back story, Teja said he was once asked by legendary Rama Naidu to make a film with Abhiram and that Teja started ignoring his phone calls after that though he promised to do that. Rama Naidu passed away a few days after that and Teja says that he started feeling guilt for ignoring the late producer’s words and then decided to make a film with Abhiram.

Teja further said that he wrote a story and narrated it to Suresh Babu, who immediately did not give a ‘go ahead’ but surprisingly expressed his reluctance, asking, ‘Why with Abhiram?’

Teja said, ‘I somehow convinced Suresh Babu, but after finishing 90 percent of the movie, he understood that the movie did not turn out well and asked me to stop it. I said it is not about making this a blockbuster or getting a huge profit on it, but this is just to keep the promise I made to Rama Naidu. Then Suresh Babu also got convinced’

Speaking about his Nene Raju Nene Mantri, Teja said he would be directing a movie with Rana soon and the tentative title is ‘Rakshasa Raju’. He did not reveal much about it, but it has to be seen if it materializes.

While revealing the names of newcomers he introduced in Ahimsa, Teja also spoke about his selection process. He told an incident where he watched ‘Kameswari’ of Shakeela and decided she will be the lecturer in his movie.

Making RP Patnaik uncomfortable, he put out the conversation between them about the music director asking how Teja picked him even though he doesn’t know the music very well. Apart from saying that he made the movie out of guilt, Teja’s speech all along was an edge-of-the-seat watch for the front-row celebrities.

This confusing speech of Teja left the people at the event puzzled, including Rana and Suresh Babu. Well, by Teja’s speech, Ahimsa is just a movie that was forced by his own guilt and nothing else.