Why Charan Didn’t Pick Any Mega Hero? 


Other day, Global Star Ram Charan’s new production house ‘V Mega Pictures’ where he teamed up with UV Creations Vikram, announced that they are teaming up with Abhishek Agarwal to come up with the biggest pan India film ever. And rumors are everywhere that they are producing “India Gate” with Nikhil, whose Karthikeya 2 has become a good success all throughout the country. Here’s the catch though. 

For now, whether it is Chiranjeevi, Nagababu, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan, or other mega heroes who have announced that they will test their luck with ‘production’, haven’t really produced a film with any outside hero. Except for Allu Arjvind whose Geetha Arts works with a lot of other heroes as well, these mega heroes never made a movie with a hero outside their family. That’s what makes many wonder why Charan has picked up Nikhil and why not another mega hero. 

The problem is that, if Charan produces a film with any other mega hero or with Akhil Akkineni, surely people say that there is a lot of nepotism, being encouraged by Ram Charan. Probably that is the reason he has opted for a hero outside the family circle, such that the critics will take a back seat. And then with the inclusion of Abhishek, it looks like Charan will just market the film on his image, while the former will take care of the production formalities.