The India House: Controversies Start With The Announcement?

The India House movie is announced today with Nikhil in the lead role, produced by Ram Charan and Abhishek Agarwal. The announcement itself triggered many controversies and many questions.

In the first place, the question raised by many is why a movie on Savarkar when there are many freedom fighters. Veer Savarkar was said to be jailed by the British for authoring a book against them during the freedom fight and he is said to have had close contacts with Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi. The topics around Veer Savarkar were always controversial because of his inclination towards Hinduism. It is heard that his book and many ploys against the British took birth at the India house, hence the movie on it.

Now that Nikhil’s movie announcement on Savarkar and India House turned the center of controversies. It is majorly being criticized as the movie backed by the BJP, just like the Kashmir Files.

The first look and the pan-India announcement attracted mixed opinions all over. Some are even commenting that Nikhil is BJP’s favorite hero after his Karthikeya went on to become a major success in the North belt. Also, his upcoming movie Spy and now the India House is to be made based on controversial topics in Indian history, Nikhil also seems to be cashing the attention at the pan India level.

Already with the new parliament building inauguration on Savarkar’s birth anniversary, the opposition Congress and other political outfits expressed displeasure over it. The India House announcement on the same day gave rise to more and more controversies. It has to be seen how the makers will be responding to this unexpected beginning.