Ram Charan Facing Political Heat From Fans

The inauguration of “V Mega Pictures” and the announcement of their film, Nikhi’s The India House, are actually shockers to many. Ever since the first look poster of the film has come out, people are blasting Global Star Ram Charan for his latest political affiliation though nothing such is visible there. Here is what the talk is like. 

Firstly, the shock is that RRR star Ram Charan has started a production house to make a movie with Nikhil in the lead, and secondly, the story deals with the life and times of Veer Savarkar, a Maharashtrian freedom fighter whose views on India and the freedom fight are always debated. While the BJP backs him, the rest of the Congress and other parties always disassociate from him. Also, with the movie being announced on Savarkar’s birthday eve, at a time when India’s new parliament also got inaugurated on the same day, global star Ram Charan is meeting with huge criticsm now. 

They say that Megastar Chiru got pretty close to BJP bosses a long back and even met Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally on many occasions. At the same time, when Charan went to meet Modi after RRR’s Oscar win, Chiru accompanied him. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan got closer to BJP long back, and other day hail the new parliament as well. They say that even Charan joined hands with Modi now, to bring out this propaganda film that is aimed at making Savarkar a national figure and an important person of the freedom struggle. 

Historians feel that Savarkar is not that great when compared to Gandhiji and Nehru. As the film is also co-produced by Abhishek Aggarwal, the investor behind ‘The Kashmir Files’, surely people will think that even Charan joined the BJP-supporting gang, to make this Marathi freedom fighter a matter of national importance. 

However, neutral movie lovers are opining that one should not call ‘The India House’ a propaganda movie at a time when there is no clue about the content of the movie. Just a first look is released, and only after watching the film, we can come to any conclusion. Watch this space for more updates.