Talk: Why Is Niharika Going Pretty Bold?

At a time when many thought that mega daughter Konidela Niharika will make it big on the silver screen, she chose to get married and get active as a producer than an actress. And when many thought that she is getting active as a producer, rumours around her personal life popped up, and she is projecting her ‘bold’ image now. Here’s how her acts are being decoded now. 

Firstly we have Niharika heading to Turkey holiday a couple of months ago where her bikini top pictures went viral. And now, she has headed to Bali holiday with some YouTubers and flaunting the best of her glamorous side. Flaunting her chiselled look in ravishing gowns, amazing sports bras and some bikinis as well, Niharika has taken the internet by storm.

Meanwhile on the other side, in her latest webseries “Dead Pixes”, a remake of the British comedy of the same name, Niharika startled everyone by acting up as a girl who wants sex badly and mouthed many cuss words effortlessly. And that brings us to the question of why is Niharika going pretty bold at the given moment. 

In recent times, we have seen the likes of Samantha and Amala Paul, who have gone super bold on the silver screen after divorcing their respective husbands, and it looks like even Niharika is treading in the same path if the rumours about her personal life are true. But then, will Niharika take this bold route to the silver screen or will just limit to dialogues there and spicy acts on Instagram be something we have to see?