Producer Clarifies About Thaman’s Mass Strike

It is just a day before we get to see the massive ‘mass strike’ of Superstar Mahesh on the silver screen as the first look and a small teaser from #SSMB28 is going to be released on May 31st. However, the biggest rumour that has erupted just before this release is that, music composer SS Thaman has walked out of the project due to some differences.

These rumours are actually doing rounds for a long time ago, and it has already come out that Superstar Mahesh is not happy with the way Thaman is giving background score for the film. However, putting all the rumours down, producer Naga Vamsi of the film has clarified that Thaman has indeed given terrific output. for the movie.

“Leave all your doubts in the back seat as our Darling Director #Trivikram garu and our sensational Thaman combination is going to give a Thunderous Mass Strike with #SSMB28MassStrike! Our SuperStar Mahesh garu Vintage Mass”, tweeted Vamsi, thus clarifying that there is no truth in Thaman walking out of the project or being shunted out.

On the other hand, tomorrow’s video is going to be a treat for fans, while Thaman is said to have given a terrific thumping treat to music lovers.