Buzz: Adipurush’s Poor Care For Telugu Langauge

Whenever some promotional tweets from director Om Raut or the producers of the film are coming up regarding the upcoming epic “Aadipurush”, there is a widespread remark that is popping up from the Telugu circuit. Even after a lot of appeals, it looks like those remarks have fallen on deaf ears.

Superstar Prabhas and Kriti Sanon starrer Aadipurush, which happens to be the re-telling of the epic Ramayana, is hitting cinemas in a couple of weeks. However, in most of the promotional tweets put forward for the film, the Telugu lines, whether that is lyrics or any other captions, are always spelt wrong.

Even in the tweet of Om Raut other day, one can see that the lines శక్తివంతులం.. భక్తివంతులం is spelt wrongly. For the fact that Bollywood promotion designers don’t understand Telugu lines, they are ignoring the mistakes and post it as is.

They have spent nearly ₹500 crores to make the movie, but can’t they spend a few bucks to get the Telugu lines properly written in their promotional material rather using ‘google translate’ is the popular opinion doing rounds around the film’s digital promotions right now. One wonders if they have taken good care of Telugu dubbing or not, as that will affect Prabhas’ popularity big time in the local market here.