Chiranjeevi Clarifies On His ‘Cancer’ Comments


Megastar Chiranjeevi shocked one and all with a revelation about his health. During an inauguration of a hospital, Chiranjeevi opened up that he was diagnosed with non-cancerous polyps that could turn into possible cancer. The tests at an early stage helped him find them and he got treated at the right time. Chiru further said that cancer can be cured if detected in the early stages and with proper treatment.

Chiranjeevi said, ‘Some of my fans suffered from cancer. Everyone should have awareness of cancer. I exercise every day, eat good food, and used to think that I would never get any disease. But you can never think like that. I got a colonoscopy in AIG hospital recently and there were polyps in it. They could have turned into cancer if neglected. I had two such polyps. I got them removed by surgery. I could avoid becoming a victim of cancer because of awareness otherwise I do not know how I would be in 2-3 years.’

He further said, ‘I am not afraid to reveal this. We can detect cancer with genomics tests. I will do what I can for cancer awareness. Hyderabad should become a hub to eradicate cancer’.

Well, Chiranjeevi is suggesting that early medical tests and screenings help in avoiding cancer. But his speech was misunderstood by many as he ‘suffered’ from cancer. Chiru clarified the same in his tweet when the media started reporting that ‘Chiranjeevi suffered from cancer’ and ‘survived due to good treatment’ are not true.

Chiranjeevi ridiculed the scrolling ad articles about his ‘cancer’ comments. ‘Many well-wishers are sending messages about my health. So I am clarifying this for them.’