Action-Packed Adipurush Trailer To Takeover?

Prabhas’ Adipurush is just ten days away from its release. The makers are not leaving any stone unturned to promote the movie. Already the factors like Prabhas, storiy based on Ramayana, and many others are working in favor, but there were some odds too. The first glimpse of teaser negativity, VFX work, and more was criticized very severely. Things appear to have changed big now.

The first trailer has seen a great improvement in the visuals and colors from that of the teaser. Now the second trailer is coming tomorrow. Adipurush Trailer 2 is said to be packed with action. The war scenes and Lord Rama’s shots are heard to be mindblowing.

It has to be seen how the action trailer of Adipurush will impact the audience while the makers expect it to takeover the social media. Many opine that the makers’ decision to postpone the movie was the best as it worked well. One is for the obvious reason of improvement in the graphics work, while the other one is to optimally utilize the time towards promoting the movie towards a positive view of the audience.

Well, gear up to witness Raghava unleashing his power in war with Raavana, in the new trailer.