Actress Hides Her Age, Old Video Reveals Everything

One of the hottest and fittest women in Bollywood is Malaika Arora and there is no argument for it. In almost every mention of her sultry looks and photoshoots, Maliaka’s name is tagged with her age ’49’ to emphasize how fit she is at that age. But, according to a surprising viral video, Malaika’s age of 49 is not true but she is much older!

A video from the times where Sajid Khan interviewed Malaika and Arbaaz Khan (wife and Husband then) brings out the actress admitting two years older than Arbaaz Khan. She laughs off and acknowledges that Arbaaz is two years younger than her saying, ‘I think its… acha lagta hai…’

Now that Arbaaz Khan is 55 years old according to many open sources, many on social media are questioning how Malaika’s age is 49, but which should be 57. It looks like Malaika’s actual age is 57 and her Wiki page reduced it by 8 years.

Many are actually lauding her even more now because when she looks stunning and convincing for a 49 year old woman, when she is actually 57.