Actress Criticizes Prabhas’s Lord Ram Look, Fans Upset!

The much-anticipated film ‘Adipurush,’ featuring Prabhas in the lead role, has been making waves on social media. The recently unveiled trailer garnered praise from fans and movie enthusiasts.

However, actress Kasthuri Shankar’s remarks about the film did not go down well with Prabhas’s dedicated fan base. Kasthuri raised a point about the absence of a traditional depiction of Lord Ram with a mustache in Indian cinema. She also shared her opinion that Prabhas’s appearance in the film bears a closer resemblance to Karna from Mahabharata than Lord Ram.

Taking to Twitter, Kasthuri expressed her thoughts, saying, “Is there any tradition where Lord Ramji and Laxman are portrayed with a mustache and facial hair? Why this unsettling deviation? Especially in Prabhas’s Telugu filmography, Sri Rama has been impeccably portrayed by legendary actors.”

In response, Prabhas’s fans swiftly criticized Kasthuri’s comments. They emphasized that ‘Adipurush’ presents Lord Ram as a formidable warrior and highlights director Om Raut’s imaginative retelling of the epic Ramayana. They urged Kasthuri to delve deeper into the details of the film before passing judgment.

The clash of opinions between Kasthuri and Prabhas’s fervent fan community underscores the immense anticipation surrounding ‘Adipurush.’ As discussions surrounding the film continue to intensify, the audience eagerly awaits its release, eagerly anticipating how the cinematic interpretation will unfold on the big screen.