Samantha And Rakul Decided To Bear Losses

After rising to the top, some heroines take the route of heroes and come up with businesses that could give them a life long livelihood. While many start hotels and invest in real estate, there are heroines like Samantha and Rakul Preet who took another route altogether.

While Rakul has invested in fitness business as she took the franchise of F45 gym, which she has set up one in Gachibowli and another one in Vizag, Samantha invested in a playschool business along with Kingfisher model Shilpa Reddy and another friend. Like we all know, due to lockdown, even these businesses got shut down, leaving the actresses in a shock.

But then, during the lockdown period, some owners of the buildings these businesses are set in, are said to be demanding rent as usual. Rakul is said to be paying rents, and also the salaries of all the employees, from her own pocket. At the same time, Samantha is also said to be paying the staff at her newly established playschool, which is yet to make any business cut.

The two heroines are said to be hopeful that their businesses will take off once lockdown gets lifted up, and wanted to play the waiting game for the name, though they will be pushed into a bit of loss.

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