Inside Talk: From Balakrishna All The Way To Prabhas

Other day we have already revealed how the team of #Prabhas21, the sci-fi film directed by Nag Ashwin, has confirmed that they are bringing director Singeetham Srinivas Rao aboard as a mentor. And that explains many things including the fact that this sci-fi film is an extension of the director’s iconic Aditya 369 movie.

Some insider buzz is now coming out that the actually Singeetham’s original script written for Balakrishna and his son Mokshagna, has now made its way into Ashwini Dutt’s camp. While Singeetham wanted to do Aditya 999 with Balayya as his 100th film, the actor hasn’t showed interest owing to the fact that he worried about the director’s abilitieis to carve a VFX based project now. And then, Singeetham thought of making this as Mokshagna’s launch project, but that also didn’t work.

When that idea of Balayya-Singeetham film was still in its nascent stages, Dutt has entered to produce it, as he wanted to make another Jagadekaveerudu kind of movie. After Balayya cancelled it, Dutt’s son-in-law and Mahanati director Nag Ashwin is said to have reworked on the story and bounced the same to Prabhas, which the star has agreed to do immediately.

We have to see if Nag Ashwin will ever reveal the real facts behind Singeetham’s entry and about the Balayya connect, but this story is being heard in film circles right now.

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