BB7: Rathika Constantly Catching The Attention!

The third week of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ has brought a mix of emotions and conflicts among the contestants. With two eliminations in the previous weeks, the house is now filled with seven contestants who are vying to stay in the game. However, Rathika, who is constantly catching the attention, continues her ‘TRP’ game in attaining the maximum screen time.

Relationship Drama: In the first week, Prashant and Rathika shared a strong bond, but their relationship hit a rough patch in the second week. However, they seemed to be rekindling their connection by the third week. Prashant tried to console Rathika, who was seen crying, with some humor, making her smile again.

But in no time, they again decided to grab everyone’s attention and this time, they quarreled about the robbery of Power Asthra in the house. This led to a disagreement between Prashant and Rathika, which escalated into a heated argument. However, most of the contestants believed that they are doing it for cameras.

As the week progresses, tensions are running high, and conflicts are on the rise in the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house. But, Rathika continues to cease the attention by ‘creating’ content with both Prashanth as well as Prince.