Multiple Opinions On ‘Salaar Should Say Sorry’

Once again with Prabhas’ Salaar announcing a new release date without any second thoughts, film industry folks and distribution circles are of the opinion that at first Hombale Films should say sorry to them. However, multiple opinions and mixed feelings are being expressed over this demand. Here’s why and how things are shaping up right now.

Apparently, Salaar locked December 22, 2023 as the new release date of the film thus disrupting many other release dates of some Tier-2 and Tier-3 movies. In Telugu, we have the likes of Nani’s Hi Nanna, Venkatesh’s Saindhav and Nithin’s Extra changing their release dates now. However, many film folks are demanding an apology from Salaar team that they should apologise to these movie-makers for troubling them. But the common public is not even thinking so.

If a film has content and power to captivate the audience, surely it will do miracles no matter when it is released. Recently Salaar’s empty date 28th Sept got used by a couple of films and most of them are made by top-notch filmmakers who have once shaken the box office. As none of them failed to click big time, the audience is saying that Salaar need not apologise to anyone, as there is no guarantee that our films would do miracles on that date if Salaar fails to come, or Salaar apologises.