Monal Breaks Down In Tears : Akhil Vs Abhijeet

The drama in Bigg Boss house is unfolding quite well. In fact, the drama has touched its peak during the nominations. Swathi Dixit, who was eliminated from the show, revealed a shocking moment that took place between Abhijeet and Monal during her eviction from the house. Swathi said Abhijeet told her that a moment took place between him and Monal. She said Abhijeet had told her that Monal said she likes him. This ‘moment’ was conveyed and projected to TV audiences in a different way. Even Nag was shocked with this. As expected, this led to huge ruckus the other day.

During the nominations task, Akhil has raised the topic of Monal and tried to corner Abhijeet. Akhil questioned how Abhijeet could talk about a girl like that. And Abhijeet gave a befitting reply to Akhil saying that Monal can talk for herself. This led to a war of words between Akhil and Abhijeet who showed fingers at each other and shouted at each other. Finally, Monal has stepped in by breaking down into tears. She shouted saying, “Don’t drag my name. This is a national Television being watched by many.” Monal said she can talk for herself.

Meanwhile, housemates Gangavva and others tried to console Monal who lost her temper. She broke down and shouted openly. All this led to big drama.This episode has changed the equations in the house. Abhijeet, Akhil and Monal are now at the epicenter of the controversy. The show is clearly taking a new turn.