Elon Musk Brings Popularity To Cringe Tamil Poster

In the last couple of days, ever since Apple’s WDC24 event took place, billionaire and owner of Tesla as well as X, has criticised the so-called ‘Apple Intelligence’ big time.

When the whole world is calling Artificial Intelligence as AI, Apple not only failed to come up with a different name like Gemini (Google) or something else but labelled their OpenAI-based AI as AI only.

More than that, Elon Musk is criticising how relying on OpenAI could make the iPhone and other Apple products vulnerable to data theft easily. Explaining the same, Musk shared a meme where a girl could be seen sipping water from a coconut through a straw and a guy is sipping the same from her mouth.

While this meme went viral, this actually happens to be the poster of the 2017 released Tamil film ‘Theppattam’. This cringe poster now went viral across the globe.

Surprisingly, the makers have that film have now taken to Twitter to thank Elon Musk for making their poster viral. But then, it looks like they have failed to understand in what sense the ‘X’ owner actually tweeted about the poster.