First Irfaan, Then Rishi.. Bollywood Slips Into Fear

Irrfan-Khan and-Rishi-Kapoor

Already the lockdown that has been in the implementation for more than a month has pushed everyone into a bit of depression. Especially for film celebrities who love to come to out, pose for cameras and quench their thirst by entertaining the public at events, it’s a tough period. And then, Bollywood got hit with these two missiles.

The first one took off super talented actor Irfan Khan (aged 53) and just a day later, when people are yet to digest the shocker of the day before, the second missile has struck. Now, none other than legendary Rishi Kapoor (aged 67) is struck by the missile.

The saddest part is, many big celebrities want to pour their condolences in person and pay a visit to the mortal remains of these talented celebs for one last time. But the Covid-19 pandemic enforced lockdown is not allowing them to do that, causing them more pain.

With these two deaths, which left everyone back to thinking, ‘art is forever, but artists are not’, is said to be troubling Bollywood a lot. If the lockdown gets continued like this, and if more and more aged or suffering celebs don’t breathe a lease of air they wanted to, there might be more casualties is what they are feeling now. But then, Covid-19 is also another serious concern, we must say.

All these thoughts are said to have pushed many celebs into a sort of shock as Amitab Bachchan aptly puts it in a tweet, only to delete it later. “Rishi is Gone. I’m finished now” he tweeted. That indicates both the sadness and fear that has gripped the Big B, which also reflects how others might be thinking.

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