The positive word of mouth is very strong!

Sudheer Babu’s latest film, Harom Hara has managed to avoid becoming a flop but is facing unexpected competition from Vijay Sethupathi’s Maharaja, which has surprisingly affected its collections. Despite not having unanimous positive talk, Harom Hara has content that appeals to a mass audiences.

Meanwhile, the unexpected success of Maharaja began after its premieres on the night of the thirteenth. Initially, the morning shows saw minimal attendance, but by the evening, the crowd had significantly increased.

This shift is evident from the fact that more than two lakh tickets have been sold on BookMyShow for both the Telugu and Tamil versions in the past two days.

The positive word of mouth is very strong for the film. The distributors report that counter sales are picking up in B and C centers, which initially appeared slow.

With Monday being a Bakrid holiday, there is optimism that Maharaja will turn a profit over the four-day weekend. The movie will surely breakeven in many centers.

Had Harom Hara released without the competition from Maharaja, Sudheer Babu might have had a better chance to dominate the box office. A slightly better execution could have helped the film outshine Maharaja. The final status of Harom Hara will become clearer after the weekend. With no major releases until June 27, there’s still an opportunity for the film to capitalize on the current window.