Small Film, Big Hit In Bollywood

Last year, multiple big Bollywood films dominated the box office, but this time, none have managed to crack the numbers. Films like ‘Crew’ and ‘Shaitan’ attempted to impress audiences, but the spotlight now shines on the latest release ‘Munjya,’ which is making waves at the box office.

The plot of ‘Munjya’ centers on a young man who returns to his native village and discovers a family secret involving a vengeful spirit named Munjya, determined to marry. He struggles to safeguard himself and his love from Munjya’s grasp.

‘Munjya’ is categorised as a Comedy Horror film, proves that a small-budget film with unfamiliar names can still deliver strong content. Its production and technical values ensure that even smaller films can excel at the box office. Aditya Sarpotdar helmed the movie.

In contrast, ‘Chandu Champion,’ starring Karthik Aryan, was released with high expectations, fueled by its renowned director Kabir Khan. However, ‘Munjya’ has surpassed expectations, outperforming the star-studded ‘Chandu Champion.’