‘Sunny Leone’ Behind Adivi Sesh’s Name Change

Adivi Sesh, the renowned Telugu actor, has shared the fascinating story behind his name change. Born as Adivi Sunny Chandra, the talented revealed that he was often teased by his friends in the United States for having a name similar to Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

“When I was studying in the US, my friends used to tease me and call me ‘Sunny Leone’ because of the similarity in our names,” Sesh revealed. “I didn’t want to be associated with that, so I decided to change my name to Adivi Sesh.”, the actor said. He wanted to break free from these stereotypes and establish himself as a versatile performer. Also we could say that the impact of Sunny Leone was so strong at that time in the USA when her career as an adult-actress was at all time high.

Also it came out that there used to be a orange-drink named Sunny Delight in the USA at that time, and that is one more reason that the hero opted for a name change. And now with films like “Major” and “Goodachari,” Adivi Sesh is popular across India, and he’s looking forward to make it big with movies like “Dacoit” in the coming days.