Netizen Trolls, Vishwaksen Says ‘Bagane Extralu’

Ever since young dynamite Vishwak Sen took the stand to defend “Kalki 2898 AD”, there have been some trolls that have targeted him. While paying it back to a YouTuber who stated that the film was not carrying enough buzz, the actor asked the social media creator to first make a short-film before making comments on the movies. 

This particular comment from the actor hasn’t gone well with certain sections of the netizens as they felt that those who say that food does not taste good need not be specialists in cooking. Coming to the present remark, when Vishwak Sen shared a picture on his Instagram, someone wrote, “The photo looks good, oh sorry, I should comment only after learning photography know?”. This triggered a debate, and Vishwak replied to it, “Bagane Extralu”. This happens to be a famous line on Telugu social media for obvious reasons. 

Well, it looks like for taking the stand against those who are writing-down films, Vishwak Sen might be facing this trolling for some more time.