Bigg Boss: Participants Losing Connection With Nag’s Absence?

Just like the contestants entering the Bigg Boss house, should sign in with many conditions, the host also will be needing to sign equally tough conditions. Though the Bigg Boss organizers pay the host with a handsome number, it is not a cakewalk for all the hosts.

For reasons unknown, NTR never came back to host the show, though his hosting is still the best of all Telugu seasons so far. Nani struggled a lot during his Bigg Boss hosting time for many reasons, but it is heard that the agreement he signed has locked him there. Right after he finished the finale, Nani openly said he never wants to be a part of it again. But the same is not happening with Nagarjuna.

It is heard that Nagarjuna signed no such conditions to be the host, but also skipping the shooting for his movie schedules. Nag did skip a weekend in the last season where Ramya Krishnan filled in, and now he is going to be away for three or more weekends bringing on Samantha to host the show.

The show seemed colorful with Samantha, while there is something the contestants are largely losing here. Upon reaching halfway, the show gets highly volatile and the fight becomes tough between the contestants. The guidance from the host who had been seeing them and talking to them is crucial at this time.

Many contestants mostly go with the guidance the host gives them, but the guest hosts won’t be able to do that. The connection between the host and the contestants goes delinked with the guest hosts.

With already the swing in votes due to eliminated contestants’ interviews and audience’ mindset that changes every week, the disconnection between the host and participants is sure to show a big impact on contestants, that it definitely can change equations.

We have to see if the show makers have determined to bring on a strong and dedicated host for Bigg Boss in the next season.