How Did Chiru Surpassed Pawan In Rankings?

How Did Chiru Surpassed Pawan In Rankings?

Despite giving two sensational speeches during the launch of Janasena and playing a keyhole in the success of TDP-BJP led combine to form government in Andhra Pradesh, it is quite surprising that Pawan Kalyan hasn't topped the search rankings released by google for 2014. More than that, his own elder brother who faced the wrath of people in elections has stood a place before him. As Google released the Most Searched Celebrities 2014 list, Telugu industry felt surprised looking at the top five celebs. Here goes about them.

Mahesh, Allu Arjun, Prabhas, Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan occupied the top five slots of Most Searched Celebs rankings when it comes to Telugu film industry. While Mahesh, Bunny and Prabhas justified their positions because of their lover-boy images. Race Gurram's roaring hit and Baahubali's stunning first looks made Bunny and Prabhas next-gen big stars. And then, Pawan is dropped to fifth place surprising as Chiru occupied fourth slot. With no movie on silver screen from last 5 years, one wonders how Chiru surpassed his own young brother who is going great guns at the moment.

Fans are saying that Pawan Kalyan is not much visible in any media, so there are less searches for him. And critics say that Chiranjeevi is more in the news due to the negativity developed around him during politics. Later he became talk of town as his speeches at audio functions are garnering attentions, so is his 150th film talk. No reason looks justified about Pawan in 5th position for the kind of image he had, but Google searches are authentic.

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