Pataas - Wait is over, It's a blockbuster!!

Pataas - Wait is over, It's a blockbuster!!

What is the first genuine hit of 2015, not just in terms of its collection capacity but in providing happy tears to both fans, movie lovers and distributors all around? From today Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's "Pataas" is going to be read in history as first super hit blockbuster of the new year. Not just enough reasons, but there is huge evidence to prove this.

Forget the making costs, Pataas theatrical rights are sold to distributors around the world for 9 crores approximately. Some territories might have got retained by Dil Raju and co, but still the value is weighed at 9 Cr. And how is the collection graph going on? Exactly a week after Pataas released in theatres, the film has recovered 9 crores, including 8.10 crores from AP and T, 45 lakhs from Karnataka and Rest of India, and 60 lakhs from overseas. That has settled the scores with respect to the investments made by distributors and buyers.

So, from today, whatever the little money Pataas makes is going to be treated as profit for all. With 'Temper' not around corner for another two weeks, surely Kalyan Ram is going to dominate box office giving the best of profits he can. Well done director Anil Ravipudi and hero-producer Kalyan Ram.

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