Throwing Fruits Is Not My Mistake: Raghavendra Rao

Throwing Fruits Is Not My Mistake: Raghavendra Rao

"Throwing fruits is not my mistake, as they are getting thrown by heroes with a purpose. Water splashes on heroine's waist are not my mistake, because when a hero throws a fruit or something in water then the repulsive wave is hitting heroine", says fruit-master K Raghavendra Rao, hinting that there is purpose and reasoning behind those acts. This is something many cine lovers won't agree and believe, but our veteran filmmaker has his own reasons.

Darsakendrudu is always known for his fruits and flowers that are aimed at curves of a heroine. His films celebrate the glamour of a heroine, explore it romantically and make it a feast for front benchers. "There are heroines who ran away fearing that I'll always explore only glamour", says Raghavendra Rao, adding that fruits and flowers are not the only properties he used. "For my degree BA, many read it as Boddu Meeda Apple, but in reality I've used many props like tyres, vehicles, balloons, papers and color bombs. Probably fruits and flowers are landing at most sensuous places and hence the discussion", he smiles.

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Chiru Failed To Kiss Nagma's LipsAnyway, who is the best heroine among present lot of starlets whom Raghavendra loves to showcase as his fruit-flower lady? "Kajal's eyes, Samantha's smile, Shruti Haasan's curvaceous body and Tamanna's hip (nadumu)" are my personal favourite", he quips. In that case, Darasakendrudu needs to work on CG films because there only he will get a chance to sculpt such a lady digitally. That's K Raghavendra Rao, BA!!!

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