Whatever The Title Is, His Movies Are Boring

Whatever The Title Is, His Movies Are Boring

Paddanandi Premalo Mari, Nuvvala Nenila and Ee Varsham Sakshiga. All these titles sound poetic and make sense like proper romantic dramas, until everyone knows the fact that they all have Varun Sandesh as hero. Once the truth is out, then those films happily bite dust at box office- Don't blame audiences, as the content is culprit.

It is highly believed now that Varun Sandesh will ever pick a movie with damn-good story and path breaking concepts. The impression fails to leave us once again, after looking at the trailer of his latest movie "Lava Kusa". For the kind of title, surely one will expect a thrilling twin brothers story from Varun Sandesh, but the trailer of the film looks like a mashup of many known scenes and beaten to death logics. How interesting the movie's title is, Varun Sandesh is picking only sloppy stories and ending up with boring treats.

Despite his antics as a lover boy, the Happy Days youngster lost nerve to pickup right scripts. There is a rumour that Varun Sandesh accepts films only basing on the remuneration part but not looking at the script and director. Sadly, it is forced to believe that the rumour is true.

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