Raju Reveals Faces of Friendship

Raju Reveals Faces of Friendship

Producer giant Dil Raju knows how to bring attention to his small budgeted family entertainers. Needless to say, he has scored big success with small flicks rather big-budgeted movie that ditched him at box office. His next happens to be "Kerintha".

Directed by talented award winning filmmaker Sai Kiran Adivi, this romantic youthful entertainer looks promising. After changing couple of heroines from the movie including Lavanya Tripathi and Kruthika Jayakumar, Raju got the movie rolling at brisk pace on floors. As majority of shoot got completed, faces of "Kerintha" are now revealed. The film features Sumanth Ashwin, Sridivya, Tejaswini (Icecream fame) and Sukrithi in the leads, while two other boys are also making their debut.

As Saikiran's earlier movies like Vinayakudu and Village Lo Vinayakudu are patronised wonderfully by audiences, he is damn sure on this new-age friendship drama too. Posters of "Kerintha" are looking fresh for now and we have to see how this Friendship drama casts a magical spell for Raju, like his distribution venture "Happy Days".

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