Cinema Craze peaks: Police 'Operation Gurukulam' On students

Cinema Craze peaks: Police 'Operation Gurukulam' On students

The recently released Malayali love saga, Premam, has been creating history at the box-office with unbelievable collections all over and is running towards becoming the all-time industry hit. The film has been collecting record figures across the state, Tamil Nadu, overseas and even in Hyderabad, where it's running to packed houses. Youngsters have lapped up the film like never before and most of them have been watching the film several times.

With the grand success of the film, came in a huge nuisance for the high schools and colleges in Kerala. Crazy students have been bunking their classes to watch the film and this has been resulting in severe delay in the academic schedule. To control this menace, the Kerala government quickly implemented its powerful tool, Operation Gurukulam, to catch the students at the cinema halls and send them back to schools and colleges.

Operation Gurukulam was originally setup by the Kerala government with the association of its police department to nab the students who were taking the anti-social route but is now being used as a means to control the film crazy Kerala youths. Funnily, it was the parents of most students who sought police help to see their children concentrate on academics.

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