Don't Blame Directors For Those Songs

Don't Blame Directors For Those Songs

The other day composer Kalyani Malik aka Kalyani Koduri has revealed interesting stuff about one particular Telugu song. That lead to some discussions in film circles about why many directors refuse to believe in music directors. Are directors really responsible and should be ready to take such blames?

In fact, Kalyani has shared that his super hit song 'Em Sandeham Ledu' that won appreciation is a tune rejected by Krishna Vamsi. And then he went saying that many of Slumdong Millionaires tunes are the ones rejected by Subhash Ghai but that won Oscar award for the Chennai based composer. However, there are instances where those tunes liked by the directors have failed big time. From Mahesh Babu's movies to many newcomer's films many a times music directors have failed to come up with interesting albums. Probably it's not that directors should be blamed for missing out a 'great' song, but judgement sways in many directions, so is result.

Pawan Kalyan has high regard for AR Rahman, but the tunes given by Oscar winning composer for Puli are completely mediocre. Similarly other big music directors like Mani Sharma, Devi Sri Prasad and others too had their fair share of flops. That's the story.

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