Pic Talk: Suryakantham’s Aha Na Pellanta Pose

The wedding gala of Niharika and Chaitanya hijacked the attention of all. Why not, when all the superstars and popular faces from the Mega family gathered at one place in stunning outfits and having great fun with dances and other wedding events!

Niharika got married to Chaitanya at the destination wedding at Udaipur. The wedding festivities pictures are extremely spectacular and here is an interesting pose from the bride herself. The ‘Suryakantham’ actor Niharika threw off her natural goofy look which looked exactly like the iconic pose of Savitramma from the Mayabazar movie where she sings ‘Aha Na Pellanta’.

With the elegant looks in the wedding costume, the expression, and the hands on the hip, Niharika just unknowingly recreated the very famous ‘Sasirekha’ and ‘Ghatotkacha’ pose.

Photo: Sandy Artistry