Here's How Puli Surpassed Baahubali & Magadheera

Here's How Puli Surpassed Baahubali & Magadheera

Only three days to go for Ilayathalapathy Vijay's visual effects filled socio-fantasy film, Puli. The film is releasing in more than 2500 screens across the world on 1st October, and fans' expectations have already touched the sky. RC Kamalkannan, who designed mind-blowing visual effects for Rajamouli's VFX wonders like Magadheera and Eega, worked as the VFX Supervisor for Puli.

In a recent Interview, Kamalkannan, who received National Award for Best Visual Effects Supervisor for Magadheera, revealed what went behind producing the high quality visual effects for Puli. Kamalkannan startled everyone as he revealed that Puli has more than 2400 VFX filled shots. To compare, Baahubali had 2000 VFX shots, while Eega and Magadheera had 1200 and 1600 shots respectively.

Promising an out and out visual treat for fans and family audiences with Puli, Kamalkannan said that Puli features several interesting VFX created characters like the One Eyed Monster, Giant Tortoise, Black Panther etc. The advance bookings for Puli started four days ago and already, almost all the tickets for the first weekend have been emptied, showcasing the craze for the film.

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